Case Studies

Examples of completed projects demonstrating the range of services Springmark Consultants can provide.

Cost-Effective Migration Strategy – On Time and Within Budget

Springmark Fulfils Cost-Effective Migration Strategy – On Time and Within Budget


A leading provider of critical, complex engineering services which support national defence, saves lives and protect communities across the globe.


The customer faced considerable financial constraints coupled with a requirement to deliver Windows 10 across the multination estate in a defined timeframe. This included delivery of the operating system in several languages with zero touch in as many cases as possible. The requirement included minimum disruption to the client base as well as application mapping and automated notification to the user base.


With cost a major consideration in this project, it was clear two streams where required in order to deliver on time and within budget:

First, a bespoke migration tool was designed for the customer‚ with the design and specification created by Springmark passed to internal resource to developed. Springmark maintained a very close relationship with the customer at this phase to ensure the migration tool was developed within the specification. This delivered the zero-touch requirement, with application mapping and automated notification to the client base.

Simultaneously a task sequence driven migration process was developed, with strict alignment to the migration tool specification and close coordination between the consultants working on the project, along with bespoke code written to facilitate the transfer of such things as regional settings, meant the client’s delivery requirements were. When the two streams were brought together the desired result was achieved.

This delivered to the client a migration strategy that could be accommodated within the original requirement.