Case Studies

Examples of completed projects demonstrating the range of services Springmark Consultants can provide.

Springmark Quickly Resolves Domain Consolidation Project Issues

Springmark Quickly Resolves Domain Consolidation Project Issues


Multinational leader in provision of support services to the armed forces and emergency services with over 36,000 employees across the globe.


After a domain consolidation project implemented by one of the UK’s largest IT service providers, the customer was experiencing several long-running performance issues, with no resolution. The customer asked Springmark to review the existing solution and recommend resolutions.


A very brief review of the design uncovered several fundamental design flaws. These where presented to the customer along with recommendations and justifications demonstrating how the issues would be resolved.

The customer asked Springmark to work with their internal teams to implement these recommendations. Following the customer’s own change management requirements the recommendations where implemented over a two-week time frame. Following this implementation, the customer confirmed the performance issues in their infrastructure where fully resolved.